Answers to Questions Women Ask about Their Vaginas

We talk about our toes, our nose, our ears and throat. We talk about bones and skin and almost every organ within, but when it comes to the vagina, everyone is suddenly silent, shy or embarrassed. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about vaginas, that’s okay because we are! It’s an important part of a woman’s body, so we’re here to answer some of the common questions we’ve heard women ask about vaginas and the surrounding intimate area. 

Q: What is the white stuff coming out of my vagina?

A woman’s reproductive organs routinely release cells and fluids, and the vagina flushes the cells and other debris out of the woman’s body. For example, the cervix releases dead cells and bacteria that usually present as white fluid. White discharge may also exit the vagina during ovulation or right before your period each month. When there’s no or little smell to the fluid, it’s usually normal discharge. If there is an odor—especially one that’s strong or fishy smelling—or the discharge is thick or another color, you may have some sort of infection and should see a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Q: Why does my vagina itch during my period?

An itch that occurs before or during your period may just be due to your hormones. Lower estrogen levels can make the vaginal lining thinner, drier, itchy and easier to irritate. Anything that irritates your skin around the vagina and lining inside the vagina, like clothing, a panty liner or tampon, could also cause an itch. An itch that doesn’t go away, however, could be a sign of infection and should be checked out by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Q: Can a vagina have gas, because mine just made a noise?

Sometimes air does get trapped in the vagina and causes a noise once it’s released. This is called a “queef” and is most likely to happen during sex or exercise such as yoga as the body moves through unusual positions. It’s completely normal and not something to worry about.

Q: Why does my vagina smell different from my girlfriend’s?

Every woman’s vagina may smell a little different and one reason may be due to what we eat and drink. Garlic, onions, asparagus, curry, coffee and more can affect how our bodies and vaginas smell, leading to a different scent for each of us. Likewise, medications, hormones, and even sweat can affect our smell down there too. If your vagina smells fishy or has a strong, bad odor,  you may have an infection or other condition that a doctor or other healthcare professional should test for.

Q: Will childbirth ruin my vagina?

Though childbirth can be very painful, “ruin” is a strong word. Having a baby come down your vagina can certainly stretch the diameter and cause some damage, but typically the vagina heals pretty well for the long term. Most women find that their vagina returns to normal about 6 weeks after childbirth, but this can take up to 12 weeks if the vagina opening suffered tears during delivery.

Q: Why do I have pimples near my vagina?

Pimples around your vagina could be due to shaving, waxing or other hair-removal methods. Using Summer’s Eve® Spa Intimate Skin Serum could help smooth and soften the skin after intimate area grooming. The skin is so delicate there that pimples may also be a sign of contact dermatitis, meaning something irritated your skin. Red bumps may arise if adhesive from the “wings” of a sanitary pad catch the skin accidentally. Pimples or a rash could be from lubricants, spermicides, scented soaps, laundry detergent or other irritants. The pimples should go away after you stop using the product. If the pimples do not go away, contact your doctor or other healthcare professional to rule out infection.

We answer more questions about vaginas, a woman’s body and our products on our FAQ page.  Be sure to stop there with your questions as you’re browsing through our feminine care products.

Remember, your vagina is a natural part of you—a pretty amazing part of you. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions to help keep it and you healthy.