What’s the Best Way to Feel Clean and Fresh During My Period?

From cramps and bloating to headaches and fatigue, it can be hard to feel good when you have your period. But it doesn’t have to be hard to still feel clean and fresh. Here are some tips that can help you feel clean and fresh all day long.

1. Go to bed earlier.

It’s hard to feel fresh when you’re fatigued. When you have your period, especially with cramps, it can be tough to get a good night’s sleep, but your body needs the rest. Change your bedtime routine slightly when you have your period. Create a nighttime ritual—such as reading, journaling or meditating—to help you relax. Go to bed a little earlier than usual. Give yourself more time in the morning to get ready for school or work. Getting the sleep you need is the best way to feel fresh, energized and ready to take on the day ahead.

2. Shower in the morning.

After sweating and bleeding through the night, you’ll definitely want to shower in the morning. Look for an appropriate feminine hygiene product or choose one of our daily cleansing washes, such as Simply Sensitive® Cleansing Wash or Island Splash® Cleansing Wash if you’re looking for a touch of fragrance.. Put a small amount on your washcloth to gently clean your external intimate area. Clean from the front of your external intimate area to the back to help keep bacteria from being moved into your vagina or urethra. Be sure to rinse well and pat yourself dry with a soft towel.

3. Bring cleansing cloths with you.

During your period, toilet paper often doesn’t seem like enough to get your entire intimate area clean and completely free of blood or discharge. Stash some individually wrapped cleansing cloths in your purse that you can use at work, school or on the go.

Our Summer’s Eve® Daily Cleansing Cloths come in a multicount softpack you can use at home and individually wrapped cloths you can take with you wherever you go. These cloths are gentle enough for your most intimate parts, safe for every day use and balanced to a woman's natural pH range. Simply remove a cloth from its foil packet or softpack, unfold and gently wipe external intimate area from front to back.  Use once and then throw away the used cloth in a wastebasket or trash can. Do Not Flush!

4. Change your tampons or pads frequently.

Most tampon instructions tell you to change your tampon every 4 to 6 hours. This is important not only to feel fresh and avoid leakage, but also to prevent toxic shock syndrome, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition that has been associated with superabsorbent tampons. If you wear sanitary pads, change the pad every 2 to 4 hours on heavy flow days and every 4 to 6 hours on light flow days, to keep you feeling clean and fresh. Never flush a pad or tampon down a toilet. Always wrap them in toilet paper and throw them in the nearest wastebasket.

5. Bring a change of underwear along with your stash of tampons or pads.

Leaks or overflow sometimes happen, often when we least expect it. Be prepared by having an extra pair of underwear in your purse, backpack, gym bag or locker for those “just in case” moments. If you work outside in the heat or sweat during the day, a fresh pair of undies can put a little perk back in your step midday and give you that freshness boost you need.

Most importantly, take care of yourself. Your period is a natural body function that can leave you feeling tired, stressed and in pain. It’s okay to take a little more time for yourself on these days and give your body what it needs to stay healthy and feel fresh.