Staying Fresh While Staying Fit

Working up a sweat helps you feel like you accomplished a great workout, but working up a sweat in the middle of the day can make you a little reluctant to go back to work. It isn’t possible to prevent sweating during your workout, and you shouldn’t want to. Sweat is your body’s way of cooling you as you build up heat from exercise. The good news is just like there are products to help with underarm sweat and odor, there are also ways to help with odor in our external intimate area.

External Vaginal Sweating Associated with Exercise

The sweat glands outside of your vagina are the same type as those found in the armpit—apocrine sweat glands. These sweat glands secrete fluid into the hair follicle, which eventually makes its way to the surface of the skin. The glands also have a high protein content, which bacteria can break down thereby causing an odor.

So, like underarm sweat and odor during and after a workout, sweat and odor around your external vaginal area during and after a workout is completely normal. But, being normal doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We can still workout and feel fresh after.

Addressing Odor When You Don’t Have Time to Shower

It’s best to shower or rinse off after a workout to remove excess sweat and odor. Use our Summer’s Eve® Active™ Daily Performance Wash for a cool boost of freshness and to remove sweat and odor from your external intimate area.

We know we don’t always have time to squeeze in a workout AND a shower, especially if we exercise on a lunch break and need to quickly head back to work.

Here are ways to quickly freshen up and tackle odor so you can go back to work feeling fresh and confident:

  • First, wear breathable underwear—cotton or special fabric that wicks away moisture—for your workout. And bring clean underpants to change into afterward.
  • Wear workout clothes that are not tight fitting or are designed with special dry-tech features to release excess heat and sweat. The more heat that gets trapped in your intimate area, the more sweat and odor you will produce.
  • You can also try our Summer’s Eve® Active™ Daily Performance Spray that absorbs moisture from your external intimate area and provides a boost of freshness after a workout, so you can go back to work feeling fresh.
  • Another great option is using our Summer’s Eve® Active™ Chafe Gel. The light weight, non-greasy formula creates an invisible barrier so you can keep moving comfortably. It is perfect for use on inner thighs, bikini area, under breasts and underarms.

Post-Workout Cleaning

After your workout, even if you can’t shower, you can still clean your sweaty areas. Towel down after your workout and then use Summer’s Eve® Active™ Daily Performance Cloths, specially designed for your sensitive external vaginal area. This can help provide a cool boost of freshness and remove excess sweat and odor before changing into a clean pair of underwear.