”It’s time for a shower inventory. If you’ve got a cleanser for everything but your vaginal area, it’s time to make room for our pH-balanced Cleansing Wash.”— EVEangelist

Cleansing Wash

How many products in your shower are specifically formulated for your vaginal area? If the answer is “none,” meet Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash. It’s formulated specifically for your vaginal area, and you can use it every day. Doctors say so.

  • pH-balanced
  • Dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested
  • Gentle sensitive-skin formula
  • Helps cleanse away odor-causing bacteria from the vaginal area
Available in:
  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Simply Sensitive
  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Delicate Blossom®
  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Morning Paradise®
  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Island Splash®
  • 15 oz. Naturally Normal®
Would never buy again!
I have bought and used All of summers eve vag wash and everytime i just "happen" to get an infection... Well i finally decided to open multiple bottles and what did i discover? I found that in ALL the bottles was LINED WITH MOLD!! Sooooo Disgusting!! I ...
absolutely amazing!
Purchased 9/25/15 morning paradise!! This product smells great!!!! It smells almost like oranges and the aroma truly does smell amazing, reminds me of a cool morning on the front porch!! As usual it does a great job "hailing to the v"
Best ever!
Vagisil didn't work at all for me. Now this stuff is AMAZING. Smells great. Lightly scented. The deodorant sprays are great too.
Leaves me feeling refreshed with no odor!
I have always had a lingering unpleasant odor down there since I first started my period. I have gone to many different gynecologists who all assure me that I have no types of infection, and that it is just my natural odor down there. For over ten years...
SIX year user here
I have been using this product for about 6 years now. In that time I have had about three yeast infections. What's funny about the timing of those infections, is they all occurred once I started using this wash again. I would take a break from the suppo...
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How should I use Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash?
Our cleansing wash is for external use only. Simply wet the area, pour a small amount of cleansing wash onto your hand or washcloth, apply and rinse. Ta-da – you’re good to go.
Is Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash pH-balanced?
Yes, it is! Summer’s Eve does not use harsh soaps, alcohols or other ingredients that can cause irritation. Just think about it, the skin on your elbow is different from the skin around your vagina, and if you had the option of using a wash that caters to your most sensitive areas, you probably would. We have a Normal Skin formula and two fragrances of Sensitive Skin Cleansing Wash: Morning Paradise® and Delicate Blossom®, plus the original Simply Sensitive. All are gentle, hypoallergenic, gynecologist-tested and specifically formulated for your vaginal area.
Why isn’t there a tamper-resistant seal on my Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash bottle?
Summer’s Eve washes and shower gels are not used internally; therefore, like a shampoo or body wash, they do not require tamper-resistant packaging. We have taken significant internal procedural steps to produce and check our products to ensure the highest quality standards.
Can your cleansing washes be used on the body or just the vaginal area?
Our cleansing washes are safe and gentle enough to be used on your body.
Do your cleansing washes contain added fragrance?
Our cleansing washes are lightly fragranced and are hypoallergenic.
Do your cleansing washes contain soap?
No, all of our cleansing washes are soap-free.

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