”When we say ’body,’ we mean vaginal area. Let’s not mince words. This powder will keep you dry AND
smelling fresh all day long.
Poof, there it is.”— EVEangelist

Body Powder

Our silky-smooth body powder helps prevent moisture to keep you cool and dry where you need it most, especially on hot days. The bonus? It also helps control unwanted odor. Smooth. Very smooth.

  • Helps prevent moisture
  • Helps control odor
  • Gynecologist-tested and hypoallergenic
  • Smooth, silky finish on the skin
Available in:
  • 8 oz. Cotton Breeze®
  • 8 oz. Island Splash®
cant find it
Love it...now I can't seem to find it any stores. Has it been discontinued?
Summers Eve Body Powders
Both Cotton Breeze and Island Splash have been the two best body powders I have ever used. Both are on my personal eterege- and always will be. I am always buying enough of my favorites, to stock up for at least one extra of all the products I prefer, s...
I have tried all your fragrances including Vagisil powder. None work like the Sporty Fresh Scent. Please bring back Sporty Fresh Scent.
Where is the Sporty fresh fragrance?
After not finding the Sporty Fresh fragrance I got Cotton Breeze. Blech. Certainly NOT a fresh scent. I have not been able to find the Sporty scent anywhere anymore & I see by your website that you apparently have discontinued it. Why in the world w...
How do I find it?
I have been using your cotton fresh body powder for years. Its been wonderful keeping me from getting bad rash and irritation under my breasts. I have not been able to find it in the stores for over a year now. Please tell me if you are even still maki...
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How should I use Summer’s Eve Body Powder?
Our body powder is for external use only. Apply silky-smooth Summer’s Eve Body Powder daily to the vaginal area and your other lovely lady parts.
Why and when should I use Summer’s Eve Body Powder?
Summer’s Eve Body Powder is designed to help absorb moisture, which is often the cause of itching, odor and irritation. The powder can be used after a shower or bath. Simply sprinkle it onto your undergarments or apply to your vaginal area.
Are Summer’s Eve Body Powders talc-free?

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