”There are shower gels. And there are shower gels made specifically for your vaginal area. And we make that kind.”— EVEangelist

Bath & Shower Gel

Out of the gazillions of bath and shower gels out there, Summer’s Eve Bath & Shower Gel was created specifically for your V. Treat this extra-special body part with the one that’s dermatologist-tested for gentleness and comes in fresh scents. Get your loofah ready.

  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Gentle sensitive-skin formula
  • Lightly fragranced
  • Hypoallergenic
Available in:
  • 12 oz. Green Tea & Cucumber
I love the product! Just wish it came in a bigger bottle!!
It was my first time getting it today , I smelled and looked at all the other options but this one just connected with me , I used it and it had me feeling very refreshed especially in that area , I also bought the spray and used it and that area and my...
Pure Love
I purchased this product recently and loved it. Felt like a spa and I didn't even have to leave home.
I shower with this day and night and it keeps me really fresh down there. My boyfriend enjoys it as well. I will continue to buy this product as it does work! :)
The Greatest Ever!!!!
Summers Eve is the best product made for your vaginal area! Their products are awesome and your vagina loves it. Try their deodorant spray too. Use that after you get out of the shower and your vagina is going to smell like heaven! Their wipes are good ...
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How should I use Summer’s Eve Bath & Shower Gel?
Squeeze a small amount of bath & shower gel onto a washcloth or loofah. Apply, then rinse. Then conquer your day.
Why isn’t there a tamper-resistant seal on my Summer’s Eve Bath & Shower Gel bottle?
Summer’s Eve Bath & Shower Gel is not used internally; therefore, like a shampoo or body wash, it does not require tamper-resistant packaging. We have taken significant internal procedural steps to produce and check our products to ensure the highest quality standards.
Can I use Summer’s Eve Bath & Shower Gel all over?
Yes. It’s specially formulated for all-over body use.
Do your bath & shower gels contain added fragrance?
Our bath & shower gels are lightly fragranced and are hypoallergenic.
Do your bath & shower gels contain soap?
No, our bath & shower gels are soap-free.

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